What are the little touches that separate a good massage experience from a great one? Apart from the skills of the therapist herself, there are quite a few aspects of your massage experience that can be affected by seemingly small details. The comfort of the massage bed and the softness of the pillows, towels and linen all contribute, as does the temperature of the room, the music that’s played and the quality and aroma of the oils used.

Body Massage

Some of us are fussier than others but when it comes to a massage I think I’m pretty high up on the intolerant list. I have got up and walked out of treatments halfway through, usually when instead of becoming more calm and relaxed, I’m steadily getting more frustrated and stressed. It could be a therapist being too physical or not physical enough, but is usually when you suspect that the therapist has no real idea what she is doing and you are just wasting your time continuing any further. It might be Kenny G as the soundtrack or an anklung track that has no end. It could be the chorus of loud belching that apparently signals the release of a client’s suppressed wind and not the therapists.

I’m happy to report however that none of these things happened at a recent trip to Damai Spa at The Grand Hyatt Singapore. Walking into this cool inner city spa is like entering a sublime spaceship – think moody blue lighting with a futuristic feel – where the only journey offered is a spiritual soaring of the clouds.

Damai - Corridor

Due to a recent collaboration with ESPA, Damai Spa now offers a choice of 15 new treatments aimed at both men and women using the famed ESPA line of natural beauty products. Some are geared to revitalize and energise, some for healing and renewal – I was after some serious relaxation so was keen to try their 90-minute hot stone massage.

After the necessary pre-treatment consultation, where the therapists take note of any problem areas, allergies or medical conditions, my therapist Jeannette led me away from the reality of the world into a blue-tinged nirvana. As you would expect from a 5-Star hotel of this caliber, the treatment rooms are huge, with ensuite shower, toilet and changing area. Once I was suitably changed and showered, the treatment started with a salty foot scrub and wash. There is something fantastic about having your feet cleaned – is it because feet are often neglected in a personal cleaning regime – they are so far away – resulting in this new and pleasant sensation? Whatever it is, I believe one way to someone’s heart might very well be through their feet, so everyone should brush up on their foot massage skills.

Damai - Treatment Room

Foot treatment completed, it was onto the super-soft massage bed for the main course. As Jeannette worked her way around my neck down my spine to the lower back area, she magically identified my problem areas, some past, some present, and set to work trying to ease the muscle tightness that so often causes first discomfort and then bigger problems down the line if left untreated.

Using wonderfully fragrant thick oil and heated black stone pebbles – if you have never experienced a hot-stone massage, I urge you to give it a try, as there is nothing quite like it – she soon had me slipping away into a state of contented bliss. Did any disturbance or small annoyance creep in and spoil the day? Absolutely not, from the fresh coconut welcome drink on arrival to the warming tea at the end, the treatment ticked all of my boxes for an excellent massage and a seamless professional spa experience.

Damai - Reception Area

Damai Spa, Grand Hyatt Singapore, 10 Scotts Road, tel: 6416 7156, hyatt.com



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  Jemma Wong