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PT. Phoenix Communications is the publisher of NOW! Magazines.

NOW! Singapore is the newest addition to our list of products aimed at the upper middle to upper class affluent Indonesians. With the magazine being distributed in Jakarta, the magazine is the only publication that is 100% dedicated to promoting Singapore as a Tourist destination in Indonesia. Our Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are used to update not just the Indonesian market but the global demographic on all things Singapore.

With STB as a strategic Partner to help guide the magazine, NOW! Singapore aims to make Indonesians more knowledgeable about Singapore and spread out their visits all over the island city.
NOW! exists as two other publications; NOW! Jakarta (expat community focused) and NOW! Bali (tourist focused). Both these publication have been distributed for years and have very close relations to the hospitality, trade and services industries.

PT. Phoenix Communications also manages one of the world’s most successful franchise of Superbrands, which is Superbrands Indonesia.

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