One of the common traits of returning from holiday is the resolution to start living cleanly, do more exercise and try to work off all the extra calories gained following the predictable procession of rich food, late nights and too much booze. While we all need to let go once in a while, imagine the exhilaration of returning from an island holiday in the sun feeling fit and fully refreshed, with no need to suffer any post-break penance and deprivation.


With a choice of extensive programs geared towards people with very varied fitness and health goals, Phuket’s Thanyapura offers this reality, just a short flight from Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Spread over an impressive stretch of land, 15 minutes south of Phuket’s new international airport, Thanyapura is blessed with a peaceful location surrounded by forested hills and rubber plantations, miles away from the noise and distractions of the island’s burgeoning tourist centres. Here guests can be as active or health-conscious as they want to be, with the resort catering to a clientele that ranges from professional international athletes on intense training regimes to families enjoying a relaxing activity-based holiday.

Garden Wing - Exterior

The resort’s slogan ‘optimize your potential’ reveals Thanyapura’s prime philosophy. With a small army of staff that includes international standard doctors, nutritionists, therapists, sport coaches and instructors, they have the team on hand to help guest reach their personal goals, whether it’s a three-day detox or training to run a marathon.

On our visit, children from around the region were taking part in a fencing workshop, with instruction given by an international team of Olympic athletes – don’t be surprised to find yourself brushing shoulders with sporting legends while staying at the resort.

Sports Wing - Suite Pool Wing - Double Bedroom (06)

Facilities are understandably impressive – amongst the myriad options, there are three swimming pools (two for serious training, one for relaxing around), indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a weight lifting and fitness centre, a running track surrounding a rugby/football pitch, a boot camp course, volley ball, Muay Thai and a gymnasium. This is backed up by a health centre (yoga, massage, physiotherapy, nutrition, chiropractor, etc) and a medical clinic (blood tests, IV treatment, check ups, etc).

The hotel is located adjacent to this amazing facility, a short walk away across a charming wooden bridge. Here, the guestrooms, built around a large lap pool, are spacious and functional – there’s a fridge, satellite TV and coffee/tea making facilities. Mineral water (three litres) is replenished daily but there are no other visible temptations to test a guest’s resolve. Similarly, at the resort’s ‘Divine’ restaurant, alcohol and sugary drinks, although available, are very low profile with much more focus on the plethora of healthy and natural products available. Why have a soda when you can enjoy a fresh glass of Phuket pineapple juice or a chilled young coconut?

Sports Hotel - Pool Bar 04

The a la carte menu at Divine has something for everyone, be it raw, vegan, Thai or Western favourites. Healthier choices are broken down into fat/calorie/sugar counts, making it easy to choose a lighter option if you’re on a weight loss program. Alternatively enjoy the daily buffet spreads, geared more towards the athlete looking to load up on carbs before a serious session in the pool or some laps around the track. We’d strongly recommend the a la carte menu – the food we tried was beautifully prepared, well portioned, creative and quite delicious.

Accompanying guests along the way are the resort’s excellent staff, who, in our experience, were friendly, helpful and very professional. Healthy food and exercise might not sound like a holiday to some, but it should. If the reason for a break from reality is to de-stress, relax and detoxify your body, while enjoying the best of Thai hospitality in comfortable and natural surroundings, then look no further than Thanyapura.


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All images courtesy of Thanyapura



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