When discovering a great spa in Singapore, it’s all too tempting to keep the secret all to yourself. Yet, every so often, you find a place that’s simply too good to keep quiet about… and Willow Stream Spa is one of them. While many hotel spas often get a bad rap for their exorbitant prices and mediocre service, Willow Stream Spa has cemented itself with a strong reputation as one of the best (not to mention multi-award winning) spas in the city.

Stress and The City
Spanning the sixth to eighth floor of the luxurious Fairmont Singapore hotel and sprawled out over a remarkable 50,000 square feet, Willow Stream Spa is more a full-fledged wellness centre than your average day spa. Its spot in the environs of the Civic District make it quite central too, apt for a mid-afternoon escape rather than a full-on retreat.

Stress and The City
While there is nothing particularly revolutionary about its décor, emanating a prototypical ‘day spa’ aura with its warm lighting, plush furniture, soft-spoken staff and of course, a large dispenser of ‘detox water’ brimming with sliced lemon, Willow Stream Spa impresses with its vast range of facilities.

Stress and The CityOn the sixth floor alone, a gym with a range of equipment that would rival most major fitness clubs colonises the right wing. Having recently been renovated, the fresh space boasts a top-of-the-line Cardio Theatre, Strength-Training Area and Fitness Studio. Slip on one of the Preva wristbands available at the reception desk, which will sync with each exercise station so that you can track, monitor and help improve your workout. Your safest bet is to download the free Preva app to your smartphone so you can keep the data well after you leave the gym! The most fun thing however, is the latest addition of a SMARTfitTM Training wall wherein you can play a range of pre-programmed games that challenge you both physically and mentally.

Stress and The City
Of course, spending hours feeling like a hamster on a wheel or setting personal bests isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, let alone their idea of ‘relaxation.’ After all, when on holiday abroad (or on a mental respite from our ‘first-world problems’), nothing quite says “I’ll deal with my problems later” than an hour-long Stress Relief Massage.
Once you enter the ‘spa zone’ itself, don a plush bathrobe and hotel slippers before shuffling your way through what seems like a labyrinth of corridors towards Willow Stream Spa’s zen core. Again, there is nothing remarkable about their 23 treatment rooms, from the ambiguous instrumental playlist that chimes from hidden speakers and the face-cradle mattress that seems dubious no matter how many times you encounter it. What you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else however, is the same level of expertise in the massage therapist’s magic hands.
So ‘bliss-ed’ out was I during my appointment that I must admit I scarcely remember what happened throughout the course of the hour. With every pressured stroke of the therapist’s hands across my head, neck, shoulders and back, I was lulled deeper into a kind of meta-sleep, my capacity for critical thought thoroughly weakened.
If there is anything I know for sure, it is that I walked in adamant that no massage could be capable of untying the physical knots that felt tougher than an over-cooked steak. I left feeling suppler than a Wagyu cow’s rump. Did my session address the root cause of all my nervous tension? Of course not… but I definitely felt far more comfortable with the idea of neglecting that issue till another day.

Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Singapore, 80 Bras Basah Road, tel: 6431 5600, fairmont.com/singapore/willow-stream.



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  Marissa Trew