For many decades, surfers from all over the world have flocked to Uluwatu, in Bali’s Bukit region, to ride the legendary waves. However, there is much more to this part of Bali than its off-shore swell. When it comes to discovering hidden beaches, the Bukit is blessed with some of the island’s  most unique stretches of coastline, offering dramatic cliffs, emerald waters and remote coves of golden sand. We recommend exploring this beautiful part of the island as much as possible on foot – trekking between these hidden inlets could well be the highlight of your Bali adventure!

Uluwatu Trekking - Suluban - Edward Speirs-2

Nyang Nyang Beach is one such ‘hidden beach’ which is well worth the hike. To get there, look out for the dirt road near Uluwatu Temple, following signs to ‘Nyang Surfing Beach.’ From this track, cross a field towards a beverage stall, where 500 steps descend down the cliff to the beach. The descent through the cliff’s rich foliage, which is steep and narrow in parts, takes about 15 minutes. Bear in mind that you should make your way back to the top of the cliff before sunset, as the journey back up the steps and across the field will be much harder in darkness.

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Another recommended beach, located about 15 minutes south of Nyang Nyang Beach, is Green Bowl Beach. This is well sign-posted so relatively easy to find, but is quite remote and well off the tourist radar. Once there, follow the path towards the entrance of the beach – an entrance fee of Rp5,000 is required. To access Green Bowl, it’s a steep trek down around 300 steps before you are rewarded with the beauty of the beach – think rocky pools, large caves and gorgeous white sand. Apart from lounging on the sand, there are many caves to explore in this area, but watch out for the resident bats!

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Other beaches well worth a visit in this area include Balangan Beach, located in Ungasan Village, Bingin Beach, which lies between Jimbaran and Uluwatu, and Suluban Beach. Suluban Beach is a very popular surfing beach and you’ll find a diverse group of people tackling the waves here. Finding the beach is quite hard work – first make your way through the network of local eateries and surf shops, and then traverse down via the steep stone steps, across a bridge and through a cave before arriving at the relatively small beach below. If you’re a surfing fan however, it’s a path that leads to wave heaven.

Uluwatu Trekking - Uluwatu Temple - Namhar Hernanto 2

Another recommended trekking destination is the area surrounding Uluwatu Temple. One of the most important temples on the island, Uluwatu is surrounded by dramatic cliffs which offer stunning views over the ocean. While walking the coastal paths here, you will definitely meet some of the resident monkeys, which are believed to guard the temple from bad spirits. Once at the temple, don’t miss a sunset performance of the Kecak Fire dance – this captivating almost hypnotic traditional dance is the ideal end to a fun day out exploring the wilds of the Bukit.

Uluwatu Trekking - Suluban - Edward Speirs


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