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Shopping | Written By, Linette Leong | August 23rd, 2016

Haji Lane is part of the dynamic Malay quarter, Kampong Glam, located in between Beach Road and North Bridge Road. This narrow pedestrian-only alley is known for its collection of creative boutiques, bars and cafes and is famed for being a hot spot for hipsters and fashionistas to take Instagram OOTDs against the backdrop of its bright graffiti walls.

In celebration of the Great Singapore Sale, we have rounded up five shops worth a visit when exploring the area.

Mondays Off

We’ve all heard the term “Monday blues” and often wonder how nice it would be to get Mondays off. The owner of Mondays Off made this dream a reality opening this store in 2014 – so don’t go on a Monday! He describes Mondays Off as a “mini department store,” where you can find a selection of eclectic things such as homewares, notebooks, cushions, necklaces and terrariums. With minimalist décor, consisting of whites, woods and marble, Mondays Off stocks a selection of Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired items, sourced from both local and international brands not easily found in Singapore. If you are short of ideas of what to get your loved ones, the little trinkets found here could be the perfect gifts.


 Mondays Off, 76 Haji Lane,


Modparade opened their first brick and mortar store in Haji Lane in 2010 after taking the online shopping world by storm. Designed for the modern Singaporean women who often struggles to put together a decent outfit before rushing out of the house, Modparade offers a range of simple yet sophisticated clothing. The co-owner of Modparade, Fernnice Wong, describes their style as “Modern Minimalist,” where a fashionable look doesn’t require too much effort. Besides their range of clothing, Modparade also sells shoes and accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, scarves and phone covers.

From August onwards, be sure to drop by as they will be launching “Modparade Curated,” offering affordable, independent designer fashion brands from Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Singapore.


 Modparade, 68 Haji Lane, tel: 6299 0384,


“Spoil market” is the Singlish expression used when someone overachieves and raises the bar. Spoilmarket in Haji Lane does exactly this with its range of overflowing ornaments and trinkets. At first glance, Spoilmarket is a busy marketplace cluttered with quirky little finds, such as clocks, bells, vintage telephones, soft toys, pillows and leather bags. But all these are neatly categorised and arranged together. Unlike many of the shops along Haji Lane that adopt a minimalist approach to their décor, Spoilmarket does the exact opposite – expect a bright colourful interior with lots on display. To easily locate Spoilmarket, look out for the iconic British post box outside the shop – we suggest taking some time to browse in order to find that unique little treasure.


 Spoilmarket, 74 Haji Lane, tel: 6296 3484,


“Be vain, be glorious, be you” are the words the people behind VainGloriousYou tell us to live by. VainGloriousYou is a petite girl’s dream come true when it comes to finding the right clothing fit. Being of a petite frame, the founder of VainGloriousYou, Tricia Ong, established the brand in 2008, and took over the Haji Lane shophouse in 2013. Clothing styles feature a timeless, feminine and figure-hugging cut with styles ranging from everyday work-wear to more formal combinations. We love that the dainty little shop is scattered with flowers, complementing the feminine vibe of their clothes.

VainGloriousYou also features a premium line, ‘Swan by VGY,’ that features season on season designer collectives with distinctive focal themes.


 VainGloriousYou, 42 Haji Lane, tel: 6396 5859,


Due to style icons like Taylor Swift, vintage clothing is no longer a thing of the past and has made a comeback in today’s fashion scene.

As the name suggests, this shop stocks items from our grand parents’ era. Expect to find vintage style inspired outfits suitable for both teenagers and adults. True vintage clothing can often be extremely pricey but here they offer 1960s-1990s European and Japanese vintage-inspired pieces at extremely affordable prices. No two pieces of clothing in Grammah are alike, so you need not worry about clashing outfits with a stranger on the streets. As each piece is unique, be sure to snag your favourite items before someone else does!


 Grammah, 66 Haji Lane, tel: 6299 0384



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  Linette Leong