Waterfall ristorante italiano presents “festa del pomodoro” Featuring mamma angela

News | Written By, NOW!Singapore | September 10th, 2018

Singapore, 4  September  2018 – Waterfall  Ristorante  Italiano  at Shangri-La  Hotel, Singapore celebrates the Italian tomato festival, “Festa del Pomodoro”, from 25 to 30 September 2018.

The restaurant pays homage to the staple ingredient of Italian cuisine, San Marzano tomatoes, with authentic Italian dishes prepared by Mrs Angela Cisternino, who is affectionately known as “Mamma Angela,” mother of Chef de Cuisine Daniele Devillanova from Apulia, or Puglia, Italy.


Mamma Angela in her home kitche

Mamma Angela will present five dishes using her home-cooked recipes for lunch and dinner at Waterfall Ristorante Italiano, where she will grind the tomatoes herself. It is a tradition in Italy that people start to grind tomatoes in September, when the fruits are at their peak, before the autumn season.

Mamma Angela’s signature dishes include:

Bruschetta, the dish Mamma Angela likes to cook for breakfast and snack time at home. She loves to prepare this simple, but delicious appetiser throughout the entire summer season in Italy.

Pomodori Secchi e Ricotta Fritta, homemade semi-dried-tomatoes served with a nutty fried ricotta cloud pesto sauce – Mamma Angela’s personal favourite.

Insalata Spagnola con Crema di Bufala, San Marzano Salad with Kalamata Olives and Smooth Buffalo Mozzarella – Chef Daniele’s favourite, which he misses the most when he is away from his mother.

Melanzane Ripiene, Mamma Angela’s favourite picnic meal of eggplant stuffed with beef and roasted in San Marzano tomato purée. This dish is a must-bring for Mamma Angela and Chef Daniele whenever they go on a picnic on Polignano beach, which is just near the family house.

Rigatoni al Pomodoro di Stagione, Peperonata e Burrata Pugliese, a classic summer south Italian rigatoni pasta in chunky fresh San Marzano sauce topped with capsicum stew and creamy burrata. This all-time family favourite is often prepared during special occasions like birthdays, parties and other celebrations.


Mamma Angela’s Signature Dish

The above dishes will be prepared using San Marzano tomato, which is well-regraded as a premium tomato. It grows in the fields around the Mediterranean Sea with rich volcanic soil and a stable climate. The fruit bears a strong tomato taste, is less sweet, yet not too acidic, with a few seeds and a meatier flesh which will not disappoint.

Mamma Angela will also bring her manual tomato grinder machine that she will showcase at Waterfall Ristorante Italiano, so guests can experience themselves how to grind and taste the tomatoes. This manual machine produces better tomato sauce because it retains more juices and results in a meatier texture while it eliminates the seed and skin.

Mamma Angela’s signature dishes can be enjoyed during lunch and dinner from 25 to 30 September 2018 starting at SGD $18++ per dish.

About Chef Daniele and family

Chef Daniele is the eldest brother of his two young sisters. He comes from a family with a background in food culture where Mamma Angela is a housewife. Since he was nine years old, Chef Daniele had already joined his dad and uncle’s hobby – hunting wild animals, such as boar, deer and hare in Puglia. During hunting season, he got familiar with the natural resources surrounding his village. Mamma Angela started to teach Chef Daniele how to cook when he was 13 years old. He and Mamma Angela believe that “you are what you eat” means eating good food influences one’s personality positively.

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